Njinga’s Nutrition Workshop : How to Fuel Your Body Before, During & After Cycling to Achieve Optimum Performance on the Bike


20:00 - 21:15



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Njinga Cycling, an Indoor Cycling and performance lab, are hosting a Nutrition workshop on Monday 3rd October 2016 in their Hampton Wick studio at 20h00. Their 75 minute Nutrition Workshop will provide you with all the information you need to fuel your body before, during and after exercise.

Njinga Cycling firmly believes a successful training regime goes beyond turning the pedals. As much as we all would love to do just that, Njinga’s qualified nutritional specialists, are devoted to ensuring that you perform at your best by also addressing your nutritional requirements. Whether new to cycling or competing in a 4 day stage race, Njinga’s holistic health philosophy plays a vital role in allowing you to achieve peak physical fitness and take your endurance riding to new levels.

If you are looking to fuel your body for optimum performance and to improve your recovery Njinga’s Nutrition Workshop is not to be missed. With not only detailed nutrition summary handouts, delicious food samples to try and easy and healthy recipes to aid performance you will also receive lots of important information. Njinga will help you to learn about the importance of sports nutrition, best practices to rebuild muscle fuel stores and speed up recovery, recommended food options and also foods to avoid, understanding hydration during exercise and lots more.

For just £33 for the 75 minute workshop there have never been more reasons to join. For more information contact Njinga Cycling at: info@njingacycling.com

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