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Teddington heads for the polling stations

Election day is finally upon us and most of us will be adding the crowds by taking to the streets this evening for the short stroll to our local polling station after regular office hours.

If you’re still an undecided voter, perhaps the guide at which assesses your concerns about political hot topics vs. each parties manifestos might help guide you.

Before you leave don’t forget your polling cards (for both local and parliamentary general elections). Why not make turn the experience into a more enjoyable trip by stopping at your local (or indeed somewhere you often just walk past) for some refreshment but probably best to do this on the way back – polling stations close at 10pm!

Regular Thursday night events that might entice you are two for one pizzas at the Hogarth, weekly pub quiz at the Dowager, banquet night at Bilas Tandoori and ladies night at the Kings Head.

If you’ve ever wondered what rules are in place in and around polling stations then this BBC guide is for you. Amongst the answers to questions posed are:

  • Yes you can bring your dog into the polling station but not if it may get in the way of the voting process.
  • No you can’t wear rosettes (only candidates can) or dress in party t-shirts, hats or wear party insignias/emblems but if you’re supporting a pirate party, feel free to dress as a pirate!
  • Staff cannot refuse a voter simply because they are drunk, but they can question them to ascertain their ability to vote

[Update] Full local election results can be found here.


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