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Teddington Rugby and Cricket Club to rebuild their home

NewsTeddington Rugby Club and Teddington Town Cricket Club have joined forces to raise funds for a new club house within Bushy Park. Spurred on by growing membership and continued sporting success, both clubs are looking for a more suitable building that they can be proud of and can meet their future needs.

Their current home has been shared between them since 1972 when it was rebuilt after being destroyed by fire. Plans for the new building have been drawn-up that will become the new home for these clubs as well as a new focal point for members of the wider community for decades to come.

Several fund-raising events will be held in the new year including a sponsored 5k fun run, race night and gala dinner. There is also a ‘buy a brick’ scheme so that people can show their support.

Cub Chairman Gareth Cross: “We hope the wider community will get behind this project with us. Between them, for the last hundred or so years both clubs have provided a place for local children and adults alike to come and spend time playing the games they all love. In the words of one famous sports commentator, Rugby may have many problems, but the gravest is undoubtedly that of the persistence of summer. For us of course, during the summer we have cricket to play here, so the clubs are actually perfect partners in our home. And if we can get this money raised and our new clubhouse built, we can perhaps spend some of the next hundred years showing this to a whole new generation.”

For more details about the up-and-coming fund raising events and details on how you donate towards this cause, check out their website.


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