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Thomas Traherne: Spirituality for our Times

EventsIn March, a one-day conference exploring the relevance of Thomas Traherne, the 17th-century English Mystic for our times. Hosted by St Mary with St Alban Parish Church in Teddington, where Traherne is buried in the vaults (he was a minister here), in conjunction with St Mary’s University College in Twickenham.

Thomas was a seventeenth-century poet and spiritual writer and is one of the illustrious figures to be buried in the vaults of St Mary’s. Largely unpublished and unheralded in his lifetime, he is now increasingly admired. Wordsworth called his Centuries of Meditations work “almost the most beautiful book in English“.

The Bishop of London will give the key address in the morning at St Mary’s church. Seminars led by leading Traherne scholars will follow in the afternoon at St Mary’s University College, including Denise Inge, a leading Traherne scholar.

There is a special evening Concert at 6pm at St Mary with St Alban Church, featuring Gerald Finzi’s Dies natalis, a setting of verses from Traherne for solo tenor and string orchestra. The programme will also include pieces by Elgar and Holst, making this a real treat for lovers of early 20th century English music.

For more details and how to book please visit Local residents are welcome to come to any part of the day.

Saturday March 12th 2011 10am-5pm at St Mary with St Alban church.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Traherne: Spirituality for our Times

  • David johnstone

    I grew up in Teddington in th fifties and sixties. I discovered traherne about seven years ago in a bookshop in Tavistock. IRead the Centuries slowly over a period of weeks. It felt like a slow progress along the fetch of a great ocean of thought. I will visit Teddington soon, verx excited and astonished that his spirit was all around me as I grew towards my own maturity.

  • tteditor

    Thanks for your interesting comment David, glad to hear he still has fans! I’m not sure if any stones/inscriptions on or near his tomb are viewable at the church but I can find out if you’re interested?


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