Video Update

Phil Tufnell recently visited the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for a piece on the One Show about the metric system.

He had a rare visited to the NPL archives to see a highly guarded artefact of the change-over to the metric system – the metre bar that the UK received when it signed the metre convention in 1875.

Teddington Rugby was featured on Sky Sports News on Sunday for their unprecedented 52 consecutive wins – quite an achievement!

If you want to see more Tedders on TV then set your recorders for Tuesday February 22nd 2-3pm in ITV & ITV HD. The home interior-decor experts from House Gift help a resident to overcome their fear of colour by choosing items for their house from in and around Teddington, particularly from the Architects Gallery and Eel Pie Island.

Elsewhere recent filming at Teddington Studios has recently included a new series of Alan Carr’s Chatty Man.


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