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Car park closure parking issues

NewsSince work began on Monday to reduce the size of Upper Lodge Road car park, visitors to the park have found themselves searching for spaces elsewhere for their mid-week visits.

Although today Friday was unseasonably warm and has perhaps attracted more visitors than usual, this is effectively a dry-run for warmer days during the week throughout the summer when the reduced car park will be closed to the public (only open on weekends and bank holidays). Unfortunately the nearby Pheasantry Welcome Centre is the obvious choice for those seeking nearby parking and today it was already full to the brim during busy hours.

A usually busy area in the park

Drivers who couldn’t find spaces within were beginning to park outside on the grass – which is a practice that goes against the whole point of removing parking spaces in the first place – to prevent damage to grass areas and reduce the amount of cars in the park.

With a sunny weekend ahead of us (currently predicted to be 23 degrees on Sunday!) and this car park closed for two weeks, many visitors will be left disappointed that they will have to park away from their favourite green spots.

Visitors wanting to see the Water Gardens might be best to find parking the other side of the Hampton Hill Gate. Drivers are also generally encouraged to use alternative parking at the Clapperstyle area via Queens Road (see map).

Pheasantry Centre car park spills over on Friday. Photos & info: John Thaxter

Saturday parking


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