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How well do you know Teddington?

Teddington has it’s fair share of unusual sights, architecture and hidden gems, do you know where these are? Post below if you know any answers (you can login in via Twitter or Facebook as well as WordPress).

Click on images for larger size. This is just for fun and depending on well it goes, the first of many!

*** Don’t scroll any further if you’re going to guess yourself! ***


Answers correctly guessed so far:

01: Corner of Broom Road / Broom Water

02: Flats above Teddington Essentials (via Elfin Grove)

03: Rear view of the mansion flats on the High Street

04: Full-size snooker tables at Teddington Constitutional Club, Stanley Road. They are holding an open day/BBQ this Saturday 11am-4pm

05: Stairs to Scarpetta basement

06: Old off-license shop-front in Railway road, now residential

07: “The Square” new ultra-modern development in Rivermead Close, opposite The Lensbury Club

08: NPL roundabout entrance to Bushy Park, nr Clapperstile Gate

09: Diana the Huntress statue in Grove Gardens

10: An unusual wooden-clad house in Elfin Grove.

11: Building in Clarence Road – does anyone know what this is?

12: At the end of Watt’s lane

13: Display of old medicines and remedies in Kirby Chemist, High Street

14: Old coal-hatch on Elmfield House, Waldegrave Road

15: The ever-colourful School House Lane


0 thoughts on “How well do you know Teddington?

  • _07 is in the new flats opposite Lensbury (The Square?).
    _08 is the NPL roundabout leading to the car park next to Bushy Park
    _11 is Teddington Methodist Church?
    _13 is Kirby Chemists (says on the certificate)

  • 6 – is in Railway Road
    11 – is a nursery in Clarence Road?
    Thanks for doing this. Am interested in answers.

  • Danny: Yes, Yes, Nope, Yes (and curses for not spotting that)
    Peter: Yes, Yes (I think)

  • Paul Johnson

    1: Broom Road
    2: Kingston Road
    3: Twickenham Road
    4: British Legion
    6:Railway Road
    7: The Square
    8:NPL r’bout
    9: Grove Gdns
    11: Craig Hall
    12: Aaargh!
    13: Kirby’s
    14: Elmfield Ho.
    15: Watts Lane?

  • Yup well spotted Matt

  • That’s ticked a few off Paul!

    1: Broom Road – Yes
    2: Kingston Road – No
    3: Twickenham Road – No
    4: British Legion – No
    5:Scarpetta – Yes
    6:Railway Road – Yes
    7: The Square – Yes
    8:NPL r’bout – Yes
    9: Grove Gdns – Yes
    11: Craig Hall – Is that what it’s called?
    12: Aaargh!
    13: Kirby’s – Yes
    14: Elmfield Ho. – Yes – well spotted!
    15: Watts Lane? – No

  • 12 is the end of Watt’s lane opposite the back of Cambridge Crescent houses

  • The Colonel

    4 = Teddington Constitutional Club
    2 = The new building at the rear of Starbucks???
    10= A large stack of MDF boards at the nearest Jewson depot

  • Is 2 the new flats above Teddington Essentials??

    • Yup! Didn’t know Teddington had a ‘West End’ until I saw this plaque.

  • 11. I live in Clarence Rd. The building was called Craig Hall. It used to be used for yoga classes and other community activities, but was sold to a developer a few years ago and was converted in to two domestic dwellings.

    • Thanks Sian – interesting!

  • 11 was the methodist church until money was given to build the new on. There was renamed Craig Hall and recently redeveloped as a house.
    Hope that helps you a bit.


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