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Photo Update

A photo update to celebrate the changing of the seasons and squeezing the last out of the summer. October is just around the corner and it’s now just 90 days until Christmas – many shops have already started stocking festive treats and Christmas day lunches are already bookable at some restaurants.

Visitors and those living near the park will already know that rutting season is here again. Deer fighting can be seen spilling onto rugby pitches and at night-time you could be mistaken for thinking there is a dairy farm nearby! Photo: DodderyIceDry.

Royal Parks have again reminded park to users to stay well away from stags during rutting season following three separate attacks in Bushy Park.

A deep golden sun sets over the Thames. Photo: Ryan J Nicholson.

Locals are certainly used to being buzzed to helicopters so this low-flying airship was something unusual to see! The Goodyear Blimp is currently flying around the UK in September and October as part of the 2011 Goodyear Safety Tour. Photo: Conor Mulhern.

A “grave error” on a headstone spotted by eagle-eyed ellimondo.

One of many recent spectacular Autumnal sunsets this time captured over the high street by Oliver South.

A tilt-shift photo of two lunch-time fishermen at Teddington lock taken from Haymarket’s offices by FourFourTwo’s art editor Anth Moore.


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