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A year in stats

NewsAs another year comes to a close it’s difficult to believe this site will soon be in its fourth year!

For the statistically minded, the site this year has had its 500th article, 1,500th follower on Twitter and just shy of the 300,000th hit. Lots of local businesses have signed-up to Twitter lately as well as locals – it’s a great way of learning and sharing what’s happening in the area (also for businesses recommendations).

Interesting quests this year have included finding suitable art-gallery locations for a TV show, advising on what to wear in the town for a visitor from the far-East and pointing the new owners of Bushy Park’s Rotunda towards old photos of its former torpedo-testing days. Speaking of WWII history, Tweeting live from horseback that Bushy Park was being evacuated due to a potential unexploded bomb was also a personal highlight.

The site isn’t anything “official”, but a personal attempt at keeping Teddington dwellers informed of what’s happening in their area, help promote the town and also to help Teddington businesses by highlighting their value (please shop local!). There isn’t a team, just one person working on the site which is really just a hobby with hopefully some positive side-effects.

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This site is not commercial but it does cost money to run so if you find the site useful and would like to help with costs by donating any amount of money via PayPal it would help ensure that it can continue.

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As always, any feedback is always appreciated – is there anything missing from the site or something you want less of, do you have any events etc you would like help promoting? Just email the details.


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  • Peter Denton

    I should like to record a few words of thanks to you, dear Editor, for single-handedly making the Teddington website what it is. It’s attractively designed, easily navigable, interesting, well written, informative, bang up to date, and comes with some excellent images. It’s a quality product, a credit to the town, and an essential part of the community. Thank you for all your efforts.


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