Richmond Council

Christmas waste and recycling

NewsAs you might have already noticed, waste collections are later than normal this week due to bank holidays.

Despite there being two bank holidays this week though, collection will only be later by one day (both this week and next).

Also as per usual Richmond Council will be collecting old Christmas Trees from Monday 9th until 21st January (on the same day as your normal waste/recycling day), ideally easily seen but not blocking the pavement and next to your recycling containers.

Note that only real Christmas trees will be collected under 3 metres tall and where all decorations, pots and stands have been removed. Last year 20,000 trees in the borough were recycled and used to make compost so it’s a good way to prevent more waste needing to be sent to landfill.

If you don’t want to wait that long you can also drop them off yourself for recycling at Squires and Wickes towards Twickenham (residents only, not commercial).


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