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Photo Update

Photo update: Spring edition! Colour is definitely returning to our lives after the short-lived cold snap.

A bird has a cheeky paddle whilst the water is low at Teddington Weir.

Photo: Sunshine Soon.

Our beloved baroque Carnegie library – one of 600 built in the UK by Scottish-American businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. Photo: Jonathan Creaser.

Carluccio’s is coming! Work is well underway to refurbish the space for the new restaurant.

“The sun over bushy park” by Dan Jones.

A long camera exposure of the footbridge at night made a bit more interesting with the addition of the Met Police Helicopter overhead. Photo: John Frye.

Cook last week celebrated a year since opening it’s store in Teddington and providing “remarkable food for your freezer”.

A close-up of the wiring that is weaved within the green broadband boxes on our street corners – these are growing in number due to the local roll-out of the new high-speed BT Infinity. Peter Denton.

Spring is definitely upon us! Daffodils and crocuses have been seen peeking through the grass. Photo: DodderyIceDry.


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