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New secure bike storage at station

NewsIn addition to the platform extending and long-overdue bridge refurbishment & window refit, our station will soon also have its cycle storage improved.

The TFL Cycle Security Plan includes improving security at stations that are plagued by the highest numbers of bicycle thefts – this is more of a problem in outer London. Surprisingly Twickenham, Richmond, Hampton Wick and Teddington all feature in the top 25 of bicycle theft volume (from over 700 stations). About 1,000 bicycles stolen each year in Richmond Borough. 40% of these within 400m of Richmond station.

Richmond Council in partnership with South West Trains will be providing a new secure, covered cycle park at Teddington station. These secure compounds offer a good value compromise between open parking (open also to thieves) and cycle lockers (take up too much space). Currently there is covered parking for over 100 bikes at the station – facilities inspired by the explosion in bicycle journey numbers in recent years.

The 3 new secure shelters will be built on platform 1 (ticket office side) and provide a new home for 30 bikes – being enclosed by a fence and accessed using a security gate (opened with a swipe card). Similar schemes have dramatically reduced theft and tampering of bicycles. The existing stands on this platform will remain.

Thanks to Richmond Cycling for the info – cycle users might like this site that is useful for those cycling in and around the borough & London.


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