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Grandmother charged after police assault

NewsMany residents were left wondering what happened on the High Street on the evening of July 24th after approximately 6 police cars and 2 police vans were spotted parked outside the Teddington Arms and the area being sealed of by tape.

Details have now come to light after a court case at South Western Magistrates.

Amanda White, 43 of Bethany Waye in Feltham assaulted three policemen as they attempted to arrest her partner. Both had been in a nearby pub (believed to be the Builders Arms) where staff had called the police after witnessing Miss White’s parter assaulting her.

Photo: Ben Roberts Photography.

After denying the assault, Miss White and her partner moved to another pub where police officers surrounded the couple to arrest the alleged assailant. Witnesses described how she obstructed police from arresting her partner and assaulted three police officers – some of whom was seen being helped outside with injury.

Prosecuting, John Shepherd: “Police were called to a pub in Teddington to an incident. At that location they found Miss White with some other people – one of the people she was with was a man the police were interested in. She tried to obstruct the police from arresting him through her arms”.

Despite her defence lawyer stating that no violence was used, Miss White pleaded guilty to obstruction of two charges of obstructing police in the execution of duty and three charges of common assault and was fined £50 for each assault and ordered to pay £50 compensation and £85 in prosecution costs and a £15 court fine.


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