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What’s the treasure at the end of the rainbow? Teddington of course! A huge and vibrant double-rainbow spotted from a high vantage point in the centre of the town.

Photo: Colonel Pleasure.

The new Police community boat “Robin Locker”, named after a river boat policeman, moored at Teddington Lock and designed to help promote safety on the water.

The Roar: “Moments before sunrise, a red deer stag in Bushy Park roars to keep his harem of female deer together, and to establish dominance over rival males.” 

Rays of Light: “A light early morning mist was quickly being burnt away by the rising sun as I disturbed this female red deer foraging under a horse-chestnut tree.”

These two stunning early morning misty shots of deer in the park from early riser Stephen Darlington.

A recent ‘mum2mum’ monthly market held at Teddington Baptist Church where parents can sell used baby, children’s and maternity clothes, toys, equipment and more. If you have lots of such items to sell, you can book a stall to sell them – see website for details. This particular market was awarded National Runner up in the in a National competition. The next market is on December 1st.

An autumnal sunrise over a calm Thames. Photo: Jamie Senitt

Despite the low temperatures brought on by the cold snap, the crowds enjoyed the annual beer festival, live music and firework display at NPL Sports Club, set in time to music.

Judging by the ghoulish sights on some roads this year, Halloween seems even more popular than ever! Groups of young Trick Or Treaters ran from house to house spotting pumpkins that indicated awaiting stores of sweets behind front doors. Local shops have joined in the fun too with some particularly inventive and spooky window displays.


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