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Power outages affect Teddington

NewsThis week started badly for some residents in Teddington and Hampton Hill – some woke to a power outage that started at 6am on Monday morning and had to endure cold showers before leaving the house and wet hair on their journey to work.

A fault in the underground distribution network meant that over 600 homes were without power until the work was completed to fix this issue several hours later – the remaining households got their power back at 10:30am.

On Wednesday businesses had their turn – at lunchtime power disappeared to some Broad Street shops opposite Tescos. Some suspected this might have been caused by the pavement replacement work but this wasn’t the case. UK Power Networks confirmed that an issue in the nearby substation had caused the power loss. This issue wasn’t fixed until the end of the working day – losing half a day’s trade for many shops along this stretch.

Unfortunately the power was lost again on Thursday, some shops weren’t affected at all, some had loss of power and simply closed again, others tried to make do without electricity but as no lights were on, many passers-by assumed they were closed. Traffic lights were also affected.

It took UK Power Networks several hours to have staff on site to again investigate this issue, after an inspection they stated that the substation fuse that was replaced on Wednesday had blown again and they believed that this was being caused by a fault on an underground cable

Later work began to excavate and expose the faulty cable to allow repairs – current estimates are that power may be restored by 10:30pm. Some nearby residents on side roads off Broad Street also found they were without after 7pm.


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