Littlest Star turns one today

NewsA year ago today a Star was born. Teddington Baptist Church minister Richard Littledale sent out a tweet exactly a year ago that led to a small army of volunteers in including illustrators and publishers, help him turn a story into a Christmas book. An idea was turned into a book in just three weeks and almost £2,000 was raised for Shooting Star CHASE.

This year an awareness campaign has taken a high-tech turn with QR codes and posters appearing in local shops and the book will be read by the author himself at Waterstones on Lights-Up evening (Thursday 29th November).

As well as being for sale locally for just £2 you can also order it online. Richard is looking for another publisher this year to ensure the book can carry on raising money for Shooting Star CHASE.

Vince Cable, supporter of the book & cause: “The Littlest Star is a great advent story which is raising well needed funds for Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice, a charity I have campaigned with for many years. The story about how the book actually came about, and those who took their time to make it, is in itself incredible. I would encourage people to buy a copy of The Littlest Star.”


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