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Photo Update

Choppy waters at Teddington Lock. Recent high levels of rain further up the Thames coupled with high tides has led to much increased levels of water flowing through the weir and some nearby flooding. Lock Keepers work tirelessly monitoring river levels 24 hours a day to ensure that levels are kept safe and boat river users are informed of any dangers to navigation.

Photo: rachelsonepicaday.

Setting off at sunrise on a charity canoe trek – Teddington Lock is often the start or finishing post for charity walks, paddles or swims from the start of the Thames or towards the sea. Most recently, Ham Hydro with friends & supporters who completed a walk from the Thames Barrier to Teddington to help raise funds for the project. Photo: Dave.

A warm colour envelopes Bushy Park at sunset. Photo: Evie G.

Hundreds of runners recently took part in a Princess Alice Hospice Santa Fun Run in Bushy Park including this Usain Bolt fan! Photo: Stuart Amory.

A frosty morning greets early Bushy Park-users. Photo: ThisNorthernBoy

Suddenly cobwebs seem like they are everywhere – highlighted by ice crystals. Photo: Tim Dixon.

Freezing fog might not help keep us warm but it helped make Teddington look even prettier overnight as The Christmas Lights cut through the grey.


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