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Totally Locally Teddington

NewsYou may have noticed manifestos and posters appearing in Teddington shop windows heralding the start of a new movement. Totally Locally is a growing national campaign to remind residents of what they have in their town and to keep it this way, they only need make small changes to help keep our high streets healthy and vibrant.

Totally Locally Teddington is a showcase for Teddington’s independent businesses and aims to change public perception and shopping habits so that people look to spend money in their local shops instead of just at supermarkets, online and chain stores. No-one can live without chains and online shopping, but the campaign is aimed at putting independent businesses higher up the priority list rather than all-to-often being the last place we look.

Although Teddington’s high street appears healthy, times are very tough and often the first we hear about businesses struggling is when they have moved on and To Let signs appear. Totally Locally aims to teach us how to shop again – talk to shop keepers, interact, go into shops you usually pass by, use their in-depth knowledge and simply enjoy the shopping experience once more.

Many visitors are drawn to Teddington due to the diverse nature of our wonderful independent shops and eateries and we want to keep it that way! Who wants every high street to contain the same chain stores that are found increasingly wherever you go?

As well as sending your money in the right direction, you can also help by sending in your nominations for ‘Hidden Gems’ – what are your favourite independent businesses and what makes them special? The Totally Locally Team will then write about the nominated favourites so we can learn more about them and what makes them contribute to our town.

Totally Locally Teddington is a completely independent, non-profit voluntary community project driven by enthusiasm. There will be up-and-coming schemes, competitions, events and first off, the February Fiver Fest from 2nd-16th Feb!

Businesses from all over Teddington have got together to offer brilliant deals on items and services for just £5! This figure was not chosen by accident, it’s estimated that if every Teddington resident spent just £5 per week locally in independent businesses, this means a staggering £5.1 million per year going into the local economy through the supply chain and related & follow-on business.

[Update 08/02/2013] Offers now updated for the second of the three weekends – 45 offers are now listed (15 more than at launch!)


3 thoughts on “Totally Locally Teddington

  • A mix of local & national shops is what we need. The nationals keep the locals prices keen!

  • As an independent local business owner I have watched the High Street change over the last 17 years of trading. I talk to people, listen to people & observe. Never has there been a more important time to come together as a community to reap the benefits of this amazing town we live & work in.
    Whilst there are many supportive, loyal locals, there are equally many who don’t appear to know the difference between an independent & a chain. Shopping Totally Locally really dies mean focussing on small, individual businesses who are run by people with a passion for what they do. This passion can be dulled without the continued, enthusiastic support of the thousands of local residents.
    Lets bring the vibrancy back to the High Street & soon the whole country will be talking about our amazing town of Teddington.

  • Beverley

    Shopped totally locally today – chocolates, cup cakes, olive oil and even brunch – felt good to be browsing my own high street …


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