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Phone signal woes return

NewsOver the last few days there has been a trend of mobile phone users complaining of a lack of voice and data service – particularly a complete lack of signal for some customers over the last two days.

The issue appears to be affecting Three and EE customers in the area and there has been a lot of confusion from calling customer services. Replies have been that there is no issue, must be phone-related, there was an issue but it’s now fixed and also that there is a phone mast problem that will be fixed by the 13th.

Three network (who share infrastructure masts with EE) have specified that a known issue will be fixed by engineers on the 4th of December.


0 thoughts on “Phone signal woes return

  • OMG! The end of life as we know it!

    • Two or three days with poor phone signal/ no internet is a problem for many! Especially if you work in the area and rely on your phone for your business.


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