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Cyclist knocked down in rush hour traffic

NewsMotorists today found themselves in long tailbacks after an incident in central Teddington. Just before 9am a female cyclist in her 60’s was knocked off her bike on the roundabout between Waldegrave Road and The High Street.

Police were called to the scene and arrived within a few minutes. The woman was given a blanket to keep warm and not moved from the spot due to her injuries. Drivers of vehicles being managed past the scene were surprised to see the injured woman on the ground for so long.

Met police spokesman: “We were called to a collision between a car and a cyclist in Broad Street at the junction with Waldegrave Road at 8.51. The cyclist, a woman in her 60s, was treated at the scene for serious injuries.”

The fact that the ambulance didn’t arrive on the scene until 90 minutes later at 10:25am, is causing headlines as have cuts to the ambulance service in recent years.

The nearest ambulance station is at Fulwell (next to the Fire Station) and Kingston A&E is three miles from Teddington. The approaches to this roundabout were redesigned two years ago to make it safer for cyclists.

Photo: Ben Harris

[Update 01/12/2014] A Statement from The London Ambulance Service details how two ambulances were dispatched to the scene but both were unfortunately diverted to more serious cases:

“From the information provided, we were told the patient was conscious, breathing and alert.”

“We are very sorry we couldn’t be there sooner and for any distress or discomfort this may have caused but we have to prioritise patients in a serious or life-threatening condition.”

[Update 02/12/2014] See here for an interview with the cyclist in question Angie Cook who ironically is a cycling safety instructor who was on her way to teach cycle safety at a Teddington School when she was hit by a Vauxhall Zafira. Angie spoke of the “shambles” of NHS funding and the impact it was having on care.

“When the paramedics did come they were very apologetic, they told me there weren’t enough ambulances. They said it was a nightmare and last Friday there were 6,000 calls and only 300 ambulances to deal with it. I’m sympathetic to them.”

[Update 23/12/2014] Evening Standard article: Cyclists lying injured for two hours ‘is not good enough’, says London NHS chief.


0 thoughts on “Cyclist knocked down in rush hour traffic

  • Chris Winter

    What is going on with the Ambulance Service, we hear sirens almost non-stop every day along Kingston Road, but this poor lady waits over an hour ?

  • 90 minutes is disgusting!! This is the second accident I have seen in the matter of four weeks. The last one was a motor cyclist on the junction of Edward road / park road, hamptonhill (even closer to the ambulance station) and that took over 40minutes for an ambulance to arrive. What is the delay??

  • Two points on this accident…

    1. I was knocked off my bike at this roundabout in 2010. It’s a very dangerous design because of the slope down from the railway bridge. Some cars come too fast from Broad Street. Others come too fast from High Street and don’t seem to see it as a roundabout. And I was hit by a driver coming out of Waldegrave Road who just didn’t look to the right. It’s still a very dangerous roundabout for cyclists.

    2. The ambulance got to me in about 5 minutes. I’ve had lots of experience with ambulances in the last 5 years coming for my elderly parents – perhaps 8 times. They have never taken longer than 10 minutes. I grumble a lot about public services but my experience of paramedics in London is that the system works very well indeed.

  • I’m not remotely surprised that it took so long for an ambulance to get to this poor woman. Paramedics and ambulance technicians are leaving the service in droves. And is it any wonder? Their pay and conditions are truly awful. As far as I can see it management at London Ambulance Service have no intention of improving the situation in the short term. Instead they want to speed up the race to the bottom by recruiting staff from outside the EU to justify rock bottom wages.

  • John Head

    I agree. We can all help by joining the picket line at Kingston or West Mid next time NHS workers strike over pay.


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