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CPZ consultation – have your say

NewsThe issue of parking in central Teddington has led to Richmond Council to open a consultation on parking in the area.

Residents living within and outside of the current Community Parking Zone (CPZ) have until the end of the month to make their views heard. Feedback that triggered the consultation included requests for different hours and an expansion of the current restricted zone.

Generally speaking there needs to be 50% or more support for changing or amending an existing parking zone so if you are affected by parking issues, make your voice heard. Highways Councillor Stephen Speak: “Your views are vital to the Council and it is important that as many people as possible have their say on parking measures in Teddington.”

The current parking zones and consultation boundary (click for larger version).

Many will have received letters containing this information, but you respond online using one of these two surveys:
teddingtoncpz-wzt for those inside zone T (green)
teddingtoncpz-ozt for those outside of zone T. (Ferry Road also is included in the CPZ (Z2) but is not included in this review)

Parking controls need to address the delicate balance between providing enough spaces for residents, commuters and shoppers alike..considering how some roads serve all three of these local needs. Some feel that over-protection of roads around the station simply pushes the problem further afield, leading to an ever-increasing controlled parking zone.

Before meters were introduced on high streets, many spaces used to be taken up by all-day parking commuters or shop staff, areas like Teddington have grown as a shopping destination since spaces were freed up. Now nearby CPZ’s also allow shoppers to park nearby after peak commuting times (after 10:30am Mon-Fri) to shop so increasing the restricted hours may benefit residents but negatively affect trade.

Remember you can register for a FREE Richmond Card which gives 30 minutes free parking, discounted parking, library membership and also some special offers in some local businesses.


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