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Richmond Council Propose New Controlled Parking Zone In Teddington

Richmond Council is currently undertaking a further parking consultation with residents in Teddington.

They have sent letters and questionnaires to the residents in the roads affected.

The questionnaires concern a proposed new Controlled Parking Zone in North Teddington, specifically Claremont Road, Arlington Road, Teddington Park, Teddington Park Road, Cambridge Road, as well as Elmfield Avenue and Grove Gardens.

Residents of Waldegrave Road are also being consulted on an increase to the existing hours of control.

You can find more detail on the council’s website here, here, and here – there are also maps below for reference.

This follows a similar consultation which took place in the area last year, the results of which were that 51% residents of two of the roads in question (Arlington Road and St Mary’s Avenue) showed adequate support for a CPZ. In some roads, there was some support for a CPZ, particularly in Claremont Road (47%), Teddington Park (46 %) and Walpole Crescent (46%).

However overall, the results of the consultations for both within Zone T and outside the zone did not show sufficient support and therefore no further changes were implemented by Richmond Council at that time.

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