Parking changes

Back in May, Richmond Council launched a consultation asking many of the residents around central Teddington their thoughts on parking in their road. See a map of the areas in the consultation below.Parking_Map_1

The changes are to be as follows:

Implement a new CPZ (Zone T1) in Teddington to include Arlington Road, Claremont Road, Teddington Park, Teddington Park Road (part) and Cambridge Road (part).  The new zone will operate between 10am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday, and;

Extend the operational hours of the Teddington (Zone T) in Waldegrave Road so that it operates 10am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. (Currently 8:30am – 10.30am)

Subject to a formal consultation the changes are due to take place in February 2017. Note parking charges are due to go up by 8% for on street ‘ad-hoc’ parking and 10% for residents permits. Details on current permits can be found here.

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Changes to the parking zone on Waldegrave Road, Teddington

Below is the full list of results:


1. Proposed new CPZ Zone T1 consultation (green shaded area within consultation boundary)

  • 344 properties consulted
  • 264 (76%) respondents
  • 226 (66%) in favour of the new CPZ
  • 32 (9%) against the new CPZ
  • 5 (2%) neutral/no view
  • 1 (0%) no response

The results showed sufficient support (over 50% of the total households within the proposed CPZ boundary) to progress with implementing the new CPZ with the preferred choice of hours being Mon-Fri 10am to 4.30pm.

View consultation results(pdf, 362KB)

2. Area outside proposed new CPZ – Possible additional roads (yellow area within consultation boundary)

  • 975 properties consulted
  • 447 (46%) respondents
  • 195 (20%) in favour of being included in the new CPZ
  • 235 (24%) against being included in the new CPZ
  • 16 (2%) neutral/no view
  • 1 (0%) no response

View consultation results(pdf, 389KB)

3. Waldegrave Road (within existing Zone T CPZ – consultation on increasing the hours of operation)

  • 46 properties consulted
  • 29 (63%) respondents
  • 27 (59%) in favour of being included in the new CPZ
  • 2 (4%) against being included in the new CPZ
  • 0 (0%) neutral/no view
  • 0 (0%) no response

The results showed sufficient support (over 50% of the total households) to extend the hours of the CPZ.  The preferred choice of hours were Monday to Friday 10am to 4.30pm.


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