How will Heathrow’s third runway affect Teddington

With the Richmond by-election putting more spotlight on the proposed Heathrow expansion to three runways, how will Teddington be affected by the plans?

The plans have been heavily criticized around the area as residents worry of noise and air pollution. If the runway does go ahead it will see an increase in flights as flight numbers soar from 473,000 a year to over 700,000.

House prices in the surrounding areas are also set to be rocked by the proposition of another runway. Ed Mead, of estate agents Douglas and Gordon, said: “Aircraft noise is currency. Two similar houses, one in an area not overflown, against one close by which becomes overflown could create a value difference of ten per cent.”

Teddington residents were affected by the trials held by Heathrow in 2014 as it’s peak saw flights took off every two minutes from the early hours in the morning as the airport carried out tests. The noise of the 142 daily planes took it’s toll on the residents as it affected schools, sleep and general quality of life around the area.

Heathrow has hit back at the criticism of the £17.6bn project suggesting that it will in fact create 15,000 jobs around the surrounding areas.

John Holland-Kaye, CEO of Heathrow Airport said: “Proposals we announced last month could see up to 25,000 more air traffic movements a year while the third runway is being built, adding an additional £1.5bn to the economy between 2021 and opening of the third runway in 2025.”

While Holland-Kaye encourages that their will be plenty of economic growth in the future, it seems Teddington residents are concerned about how it will be detrimental to the area and their quality of life.


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