International iridologist comes to Teddington to give specialist treatment

London Health Foods will host Santiago Reverter, a renowned iridologist, this weekend as he takes bookings for a limited amount of time.

Iridology is an extensive way of examining the iris in order to determine the state of the patient’s health of their organs, tissue and their body in general.

Reverter will be stopping off in Teddington for a few days as he takes time out of his tour around Spain, Italy, Ireland and the rest of England. He will be able to examine the patterns and colours in your iris and will be able to see which organs are over or under active.

He will also be able understand how your organs interact with each other as well as knowing the conditions of the nervous, digestive, elimination, lymphatic and structural systems of your body.

As well as being able to book into this amazing treatment, you will be able to sample the range of delicious foods from the shop including vegan mince pies to lift your festive spirits.


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