What’s Next After University

Everything in the run-up to university seems natural, from primary school through to college and then on to uni. However, after studying for several years at university, it can prove difficult to adjust to life after education. There are plenty of options open to post-graduates, and we’ve picked out a few of the more suitable avenues to consider below.

Find a graduate job

Most graduates will take this step after leaving Uni, as this seems the logical approach to take. Each university has a careers office, and there is always support for those students who have just graduated.

It’s important to consider what career path is on the agenda with the degree attained, as this will help to narrow down the choices when it comes to looking for a job. It’s worth considering the area too, with the UK full of fantastic areas which are both great for living and working.

Many will be automatically drawn to London, for obvious reasons. However, there other viable alternatives like Manchester where you find jobs in every sector; and the city is much more affordable to live. Therefore, it is definitely worth exploring opportunities in cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol.

Work for yourself

Not everyone who leaves uni with a degree will find their dream job or career from the off, so starting up a business or working for yourself is the perfect solution. There will also be graduates who had a start-up in mind from the beginning who head down this path, and who can blame them.

There are a lot of advantages which come with being self-employed, with the freedom and flexibility to oversee your own decisions and working hours often top of the bill. Instead of being tied down to an employer, a graduate can do what they feel is right for them and their career.

Continue studying

After obtaining a degree, the path for some sees them leave studying behind, but for others, there’s the option to continue as a post-graduate. While many will step into the world of employment with their degree in hand, others find studying for a Masters to be the next step in their life.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a Masters is expensive, and it will take time, but it’s often a rewarding experience for those going down this path. It’s a choice which requires a lot of thought and consideration beforehand, however, as it may not be as worthwhile as first imagined in specific employment fields.

Take a break

If somebody has gone from primary school through to university, likely, they won’t have had time to do the things they want to do and to visit the places they’ve always dreamed of checking out. Therefore, taking a gap year has become so popular, especially for graduates with a burning desire to travel.

On a gap year, there are always opportunities to add to the CV too, which will stand a graduate in good stead for when they return with the desire and motivation to kick start their career, putting their studies to good use in the process.

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