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Charitable Donations Working To Help Teddington’s Community Projects

In light of the recent global health crisis, many community projects and organisations are having to rely on public donations to keep their services going. This has been seen across Teddington with everything from the Landmark Arts Centre to the Sheddington Community Space benefitting from internet-led funding efforts.

As volunteers run the majority of these community spaces, they will be suffering twice as much during the ongoing pandemic. But with the following charitable donation programs, there’s hope that some of Teddington’s best-loved community projects could emerge intact once the lockdown has passed.

Giving Hope To Sheddington 

Sheddington is based at St Mark’s Church, and it has been offering a series of fun and practical programs that include the likes of DIY, arts and crafts, as well as health and well-being classes relating to yoga, tai chi and dance. Given the impossibilities of running this space in the middle of a global pandemic, Sheddington has become part of the PayPal Giving Fund.

With over 305 million active accounts worldwide as of 2019, PayPal has become one of the major payment providers in a relatively short time. Famous UK brands like ASOS and boohoo, travel companies like Skyscanner and Jet2to casino giants like Bet365 and 888casino, are all relying on the reputation and security of PayPal. PayPal’s services have provided customers with convenient online purchases without revealing their personal information. And they have allowed people to play safely in top UK PayPal casinos by seamless depositing and withdrawal experience.

And with PayPal’s Giving Fund people can use PayPal’s services to keep Sheddington and other local communities up and running. The PayPal Giving Fund is very helpful as it recognises that each organisation has charitable status for UK tax purposes, and the charity will receive 100% of each donation made on their PayPal accounts. It is also possible for donors to add a Gift Aid donation so that the organisation benefits from the additional charitable support.

Grass-roots organisations such as Sheddington will clearly benefit from this program. While the charity’s goals of helping people ‘meet up, make stuff and mend things’ might not sound like the most ambitious of projects, it has proven to be crucial in helping the Shed movement gain popularity in the UK and beyond. The Shed project had its origins in Australia in the 1980s. It was started with the premise of giving men practical activities to carry out in a bid to boost social interaction and overall well-being. These Sheds have now spread all over the world. And there are over 400 in the UK alone that are open to anybody regardless of their gender or age.

Fighting To Save The Landmark Arts Centre

The arts and cultural scene across the UK has been decimated by a lockdown that restricts public gatherings. Teddington’s Landmark Arts Centre is just one of the many venues that have had to cancel all upcoming events for the foreseeable future, and it is now facing a real battle for its survival.

There is now an online donation campaign in place to save this historic arts centre that allows anybody to use a debit card, credit card or PayPal account to make a secure and straightforward donation.

The Landmark Arts Centre has been in existence since 1995, and it gave new life to a derelict church by using the space to put on a variety of performances, classes and workshops. While the planned Contemporary Textiles Fair is still hoping to go ahead in late September, it’s clear that urgent measures need to be taken so that the arts centre can last this long.

Forthcoming performances by the Gigspanner Big Band and the Bring Your Own Baby comedy show have been cancelled, and May’s Dean Friedman concert has been postponed until a later date. There’s hope that the current online donation campaign will help the Landmark Arts Centre overcome the current lockdown. Plus with many other excellent fundraising schemes aiming to look after local charitable projects, it’s hoped that these essential services can live to fight another day.


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