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Former Council Member Fundraising After Battling Coronavirus

After recovering from the coronavirus, ex leader of Richmond council is raising money for Kingston NHS.

On April 26th Serge Lourie is doing the 2.6 London Marathon’s challenge. This consists of 2.6 kilometres walk in the hopes of raising money for Kingston Hospital charity.

On March 22nd Serge was unfortunately admitted to Kingston Hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Serge had described the suffering he endured whilst defeating the virus, with the brilliant help from the team at Kingston Hospital.

He mentions having low levels of oxygen and thanks the ambulance team and staff at Kingston Hospital for saving his life.

“I cannot overestimate the kindness and skill of everyone I encountered at the Hospital. They were simply magnificent,” he told Richmond and Twickenham Times.

Serge has decided to give something back to the Hospital by completing this tough challenge straight after recovering.

Having already doubled his initial goal of raising £1000, he continues raising more to encourage support from the community in helping the NHS.

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