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Things To Do During Lock Down

Being in lock down is not particularly ideal but just because you are at home does not mean you can’t try new and exciting things. We can all still make this time count.

Learn A Language

Have you always been fascinated by certain cultures? You can use this time to learn about another country and pick up a new language. Hopefully once lock down is over you can visit this country and feel like an expert.

However, learning a language can be difficult but it can be such an achievement. It’s always great to be more knowledgeable, especially in something that’s so different to your own culture.

Arts And Crafts

I love some arts and crafts, it’s such a great way to get creative and get everybody involved. You can get your children to create paper house decorations or draw pictures, you can make bracelets and other pieces of jewellery.

You could get a bit messy and get the paints out. Kids LOVE paint, it keeps them occupied and you can even learn how to paint properly, become more of an expert in the art.


There are loads of challenges out there, you can’t get away from it. There’s the 2.6 km marathon, the couch to 5 km challenge. You can also download the Tik Tok app, they have loads of dancing challenges that can get everyone involved. This can be so fun and inclusive.

Also, you could make your own challenges. Have you always wanted to be good at the plank? Do a 30 days challenge. You could probably apply this to pretty much anything you want to get good at or try.

Spring Clean

This is the perfect time to finally give your house a proper scrub and the tlc it deserves. A clean house is a clean mind if your environment is feeling fresh you will too. It is great for the mental health and can be quite time consuming.

You can finally de-clutter and as a result be able to donate anything that is no longer needed.

DIY Projects

Have you always wanted to build something but never had the time? Now is your chance, you can finally build that shed or make a doll house or toy for your children. You can build a makeshift swing or tree house in the garden. This can help keep you busy and your mind occupied.

Board Games/ Makeshift Games

Even though all of you are stuck at home some of you are still working daily or having lessons, perhaps you still aren’t spending quality family time together. Board games are the ultimate entertainment, they create laughter, intelligence and sometimes lots of patience. It can be just the right amount of competitiveness and fun.

You could even make your own treasure hunt in the house, you can create clues/riddles and hide things around the house. Not only will this be original and creative, but most importantly allows you to create memories with your family.

Here are just a few ideas to help get you through the day, if you have any other ideas let us know.


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