Help Save Christmas Day For Care Leavers

Thousands of children each year leave the system wants they turn 18 classing them as adults.

Without the care of foster families and care homes, it can be difficult during the Christmas period when so many of us are with family and friends.

To tackle this problem, Sian Thomas founded Richmond’s Christmas Day Dinner programme back in 2017.

Richmond is one of only two London boroughs to have this scheme, as Christmas Day Dinner supports care leavers every Christmas Day by offering a free Christmas Dinner, presents and hampers of essential goods to keep leavers feeling happy and left with a high spirit.

Usually every 25th December, the project is held at a venue. However due to the pandemic volunteers are now going to be delivering gifts and food to care leavers individually.

Kids can be removed from their parents for a variety of reasons including emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or neglect. Once they turn 18 they are no longer allowed to stay in the system as they are classed as adults.

For more information and to donate, click here.

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