Michael Gove Says Staggered Schools Upon Return Is The Plan

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove has said the Government hopes by reopening schools in England at different times for the different year groups will go ahead in January as planned.

Issues were discussed yesterday amid concerns over the spread of a new strain of coronavirus.

Earlier this month, the Government mentioned exam-year students would go back to school as normal after the Christmas holidays, however the majority of secondary school pupils would start the term online. This is to allow headteachers to carry out mass testing of children and staff.

He told Sky News: “We always keep things under review but teachers and headteachers have been working incredibly hard over the Christmas period since schools broke up in order to prepare for a new testing regime – community testing – in order to make sure that children and all of us are safer.”

Scientists suggested that this mutated coronavirus strain could more easily infect children.

The National Union has suggested the government should allow most of the pupils to have classes be online for a fortnight in January to allow Covid cases to fall.

The National Education Union has previously said the Government should allow schools to move classes online for most pupils for a fortnight in January to allow Covid-19 cases to fall.

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