Teddington architects, Architecture:WK (AWK), have launched a visionary design concept for a luxury boutique cinema in Teddington, which they are gifting to the community as a Social Initiative Project.

The proposed design of a Front Room Bar & Cinema, (which was developed before lockdown one for the former branch of HSBC on Teddington High Street), is the vision of AWK’s for how the site could be redeveloped for local benefit. This includes introducing a new type of social and cultural hub, bringing commercial and employment opportunities to the area.

“The site has been dormant for three years and after planning was refused last summer, we decided to dream a vision for what it could become. The team believed a cinema would be perfect as it would enhance the offering on the High Street, help the local economy and serve the needs of the different age groups in the area.” – Sam Kamleh, AWK Director.

Designed in the spirit of Esher’s Everyman and Notting Hill’s iconic Electric cinema, The Front Room Bar & Cinema, would offer a cocoon-like auditorium with comfortable seating and a bar. There would be a flexible stage to extend for events or reduce for additional cinema seating, plus on the ground floor there would be a bar and restaurant/café incorporating easy sofas and banquette seating for dining.

Sam added, “With increased internet use, future requirements are increasingly about ‘experiential architecture’ –places where we can interact socially. We were keen for the design to offer a relaxed and easy experience, so comfort and space have been key factors; the auditorium with luxury seating and the bar /restaurant furnished as a laid-back living room, making it a perfect meeting spot for a cosy coffee, lunchtime snack or night out. We believe this would be a much used and much-loved Front Room.”

Externally, The Front Room Bar & Cinema is cleverly designed to resonate with the architectural style of Teddington High Street and presents a contemporary interpretation of its Victorian and Edwardian heritage by using red stock bricks in echo with the adjacent buildings. As the design wraps around onto Cedar Road, it picks up on the architectural detail of the residential street and offers a playful interpretation of the pitched roof geometries.

For more information contact: Sam Kamleh, Architecture:WK: 020 8977 6999 Heather Griffith: 07966 63017

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