A local Teddington consultant has helped a Teddington business get Thousands of pounds back in the Govt’s R&D tax credit scheme

Jim Sykes who works for ZLX has helped a number of businesses to maximise their claim utilising this government backed scheme.  He said over 90% of companies that qualify for this scheme don’t even know about it. We have worked with hundreds of companies in over 40 industries ranging from restaurants to recruitments companies event companies and many many more.

Contrary to popular belief, R&D tax credits are not solely applicable to very high-tech companies carrying out advanced research. Actually any organisation that spends money developing new products, processes, services or enhancing existing ones could be eligible for R&D tax relief.

R&D tax credits are a specialist area and are not well understood by most general accountants, and just as if you need major heart surgery you wouldn’t expect your GP to perform the operation but a cardiac specialist when it comes to R&D tax credits you should seek the advice of an R&D specialist. However you must choose one with an engineering or technical background. ZLX are a group of technicians,engineers and innovators supported by accountants. Technicians are more able to recognise innovation they take a different slant on things which means that they are better able to understand the technical aspects of a process and the key areas where innovation may be. This will help to maximise your claim.

It is possible to go back 2 tax years so in effect you can get 3 payments in a 5-6 month period. Money which goes straight to your bottom line.

Matt Davis, Managing Director of The Bright Click, a digital marketing agency, just received a payment. “Working with ZLX was exceptionally easy. It only took an hour of my time. ZLX did all the work and they only charge on success. They have just put in my second claim”.

If you are interested in knowing more please fill in the attached form and Jim will contact you.

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