Football pitches get extra time until the end of June

Local football teams are assured that many of Richmond Council’s football pitches will continue to be made available beyond the end of the regular season to allow teams to catch-up on what they missed during the national lockdown. 

The Council’s Parks team has been assessing the borough’s pitches and can confirm that pitches on the majority of sites will be available until the end of June, in line with the recent Football Association (FA) extension.  

Unfortunately, this means the maintenance works which would normally take place over the summer period will not be possible and this will most likely have an impact on the condition of the pitches for when the next season starts in September. 

May sees the start of the cricket season which means this sport takes priority and some of the borough’s football pitches will not be available because they cannot accommodate both cricket and football. 

The Football Association (FA) has extended the normal season until the end of June.  

All regular sports clubs have been informed of the extension. Any group with questions on the use of sports pitches are encouraged to ask the Council at or on 0344 324 6277 

Ishbel Murray, Assistant Director for Environment and Community Services, said: 

“Sport, and team sports in particular, is an activity that a lot of us have missed during national lockdowns, especially young people and children. We would hope to be able to accommodate as many local football teams as possible during this extended period of play.” 

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