A Teddington Pilot’s Mission to Fight Coronavirus in India

A campaign to fly much needed oxygen concentrators to India is underway at the hands of a pilot from Teddington.

To support friends and colleagues in India, Chris Hall, a pilot with Virgin Atlantic with over 35 years flying experience, has raised just under £40 000 for the purchase of oxygen concentrators that cost roughly £600 each.

Chris says “I couldn’t help but notice that there was no help for many people. If you look at the footage of Delhi, people are going from hospital to hospital. Friends and colleagues are terrified.”

“It’s obvious we’re past the worst surge in London and that we have resource here. I couldn’t help but realise I work for an airline and that I could do something.”

The distribution will be done by the Indian Red Cross and will arrive at Delhi Airport.

Chris is keeping the campaign open until May 17 and hopes to receive the first delivery of oxygen concentrators later this week.

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