Top 4 Winter Gardening Tips

With winter here, gardening tends to slow down until spring. However all plants need maintenance even on cold and frosty days. We have a few tips that’ll help you.

Snow and Ice

Make sure you brush away any heavy snow from trees and shrubs. As well as prune any parts damaged by ice and snow, this will prevent tearing the bark. Avoid walking on snow covered lawns as this can injure turf grass, be sure to walk on sidewalks and paths.

Clean and Polish Tools

During winter you’re less likely to be using your gardening tools, winter is a good time to ensure your gardening tool are clean and well polished. When spring comes around all your tools will be ready for use.

Plant Bulbs

You plant your bulbs ready for spring. If it’s been snowing, you can still plant them in January in peat pots then when the weather is a bit better you can plant them in the ground.

If you have summer bulbs in storage make sure you check they’re not drying out and discard any signs of rot.


Winter is one of the best times to start pruning your plants. When plants are dormant they’re less likely to attract disease or insects. When it’s a clear day you can take advantage of the bare branches and see what needs to be trimmed or shaped.

If you’re busy there are plenty of Gardeners based in London who can help. The Southwest London Gardener offer one of the best garden maintenance services in Southwest London. Not only will they ensure your garden is at it’s best but they can help renovate your garden and plant source plants for you.

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