How to Keep Your Business Network Safe from Hackers

Did you know that one of the biggest threats facing businesses of all sizes and in all industries right now is cybercrime?

Hackers are on the rise, and they are evolving, getting smarter, and finding new ways to target and attack vulnerable companies. When a company’s data is breached, it’s not just the business that is at risk; usually it’s all their customers and partners as well. This is why it needs to be taken very seriously, and businesses need to do what is necessary to protect the network.

If you are ready to beef up security on your company’s network, here are four steps you can do to keep it safe from hackers.

Make It a Habit to Change Passwords Regularly

A great first step is something everyone in the company should be doing and that’s to change their passwords regularly. Just how regularly will depend on your business – it comes down to how sensitive the information and data are on your network. You may want employees to change their passwords weekly, monthly, quarterly or any other timeframe.

By constantly changing the passwords, you make the job of hackers much more difficult, and this is a simple step that doesn’t require extra training, software, or skills.

Does Your Software Need Updating?

Software updates are also very important and work to keep your network safe. These updates are meant to address the most current threats out there, so putting off an update or ignoring it all together means you won’t have the optimum protection. The moment an update is available, it should be done. A good way to solve this issue is to enable the auto-update feature, which means you won’t even have to think about it.

Enlist Professional IT Support

Because you don’t want to take chances with your network security, it can be a good idea to employ professional IT support. This London based IT service can assess the individual business’s needs, making sure that the solutions they provide are customised. Their IT support London-based services are available 24/7, which also means you never have to worry what time of day or night you have a problem since they will always be available to consult and help with your network problems.

Hiring professional IT support means you’ll be taking advantage of experienced and knowledgeable staff that will understand what’s needed to keep your network safe and have all the right tools and software to execute it.

Employees Need to Understand the Importance of Security

The final tip is to make sure you speak to employees about how important it is to keep the network safe and secure, and that all measures put in place must be followed. Network security should never be taken lightly, as that’s how you leave the company exposed and at risk.

Using all these tips means you’ve taken network security extremely seriously and that you are doing all you can to ensure that hackers can’t breach your digital walls.

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