How to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2022

January is usually the month where most people become very introspective on the choices they have made over the previous year. This time for reflection becomes a great inspiration for making positive changes in the New Year. 

Dry January

Dry January was created in 2014 when Alcohol Concern created the ‘Dry January’ campaign. Although its true origins and inspiration most likely date back to the Finnish Governments 1942 ‘Sober January’ campaign. Dry January has become a way for people to analyse their relationship with alcohol, and it also works as a way to generally take account of one’s health. 

If you have not started January without drinking, it isn’t too late to challenge yourself to join in for the rest of the month. Dry January promotes removing alcohol completely from your diet, but exercising your will not to drink and to become more aware of your relationship with alcohol is the main crux of the campaign. 


Veganuary has also become a spearhead campaign promoting a healthier lifestyle by having a healthier diet, removing any animal based products from one’s diet. To go a step further, true veganism is the philosophy of creating a way of living that excludes any cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. 

Once again, if you haven’t started January with being Vegan, that is fine! Try to be more conscious of what animal products you use day to day, and aim to reduce it. The main objective of these campaigns is not to create a population of people that completely abstain from meat and alcohol, but to educate the public to be more mindful of their consuming habits. 


12% of all gym sign ups happen to be in January. Which proves to be the busiest time of the year for all Gyms across the UK. With the New Year providing itself as a source of inspiration, people flock to the gym at the start of the year to get their dopamine fix. 

Unsurprisingly, the retention for these new signups is pretty low. With Gym memberships being cancelled soon thereafter. 

So how can we ensure to carry on good habits all the way through 2022 without falling off the wagon?

Holistic Treatment

Often, concentrating on a single aspect of your lifestyle can allow a light to be shed on certain behaviours. Cutting down alcohol may help your waistline, and cutting out fatty foods may also produce the same results. But how can you continue to follow a healthier lifestyle without feeling that you are cutting good things out of your routine?

There are all sorts of ways to approach a healthier lifestyle, and starting to change things is often the hardest part about it. When looking to help yourself, getting professional advice is often the most effective way to make a change. 

With communication becoming more covid friendly, it makes sense that medical professionals are moving to online seminars to be able to give solid advice on how to make a change. For example, this upcoming webinar will address weight loss, with Functional Nutritional Coach Christine Bailey, as well as local Teddington GP Dr Shilpa Dave, putting emphasis on how to stay ‘Lean not Thin’.

There are quite a few different ways on how is best to go about your weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. Seeking professional help should be at the top of that list.

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