What to consider before starting a Man with A Van business

A Man with A Man (MWAV) business is a popular and often very successful small business idea. Essentially, a MWAV business offers a one-man service to people who are moving home and need someone to lend a hand. Due to the size of a MWAV business, smaller, one-off moves are normally best suited as they require less manpower than large house moves. MWAV services are also popular for office moves or for simply transporting one precious piece of furniture or art.  

If a MWAV company sounds like something you’d like to get your teeth into, then here are some things to consider before starting your business.  


Whilst it might appear that a MWAV service just needs, well, a man and a van – that’s not strictly true. When handling large, heavy items of furniture you need to protect yourself. So, it’s worth investing in the correct PPE such as work gloves, toe-capped boots and a high visibility jacket. You not only want to protect yourself, but your client’s furniture too, so you might wish to invest in covers, hoists and other equipment.  


People are very precious about their belongings and rightly so. It’s therefore essential you get the correct insurance to protect yourself and your clients’ belongings.  

What service will you be providing?  

Often in this industry, it’s best to master one art than try to do them all. So, it’s time to decide what you want to offer. Do you want to do a full packing, moving and unpacking service? Perhaps you just want to do the move? Maybe you’d like to add a cleaning service in there too? Whatever you choose to do, make sure you do it well.  

Focus on marketing   

Marketing is the key to attracting a wealth of customers for your business. MWAV services are very popular so you might face some stiff competition. Once you know the service you’re selling, you can attract the appropriate customers through effective marketing. Find your target audience and focus on getting their attention. Place flyers and cards in local shops, get your name in the local newspaper and create a great website for customers to look at.  

Be ready to work hard  

Running a MWAV service is very physically demanding. You’ll be expected to lift heavy items and manoeuvre them through awkward spaces. If you’re working on your own, there will be no one to help you, so make sure you can handle the strain before starting this business.  

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