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New cafe in Broad Street opens tomorrow (thursday)
Focus will be on home-baking
Private parties available in afternoons
Cafe owner Stani with one of her magical creations


Teddington’s coffee-loving population will have a brand new venue to sample from tomorrow – the BONVIVAN artisan café in Broad Street, almost opposite Tesco.

The café is run by Stani Galikova, originally from Slovakia, who wants to bring her distinctive and unique background of home-baking to Teddington.

“I have always been very creative and I was making pancakes for my mum when I was just 7 years old,” Stani tells Teddington Town as she makes final preparations on the eve of opening at 7.30am tomorrow morning (Thursday)

“I have baked for friends and family and it was a hobby for me but now I hope I can turn it into a really successful business. It is my passion and when I am baking it truly makes my soul dance and my heart boom.”

Initially, the café, which can seat 26 people, will be offering homemade sandwiches, various quiches and salads and a wide range of coffee. “I want to take people back to the days when everything was home made in the kitchen, to their mum’s kitchen, nothing artificial, everything produced from the kitchen. A taste of heaven.”

The café will also be producing an exciting selection of cupcakes and will be available to host private birthday parties in the afternoon after closing time at 3.30pm. The café is not licensed to serve alcohol.

Opening times will be from 7.30am until 3.30pm on weekdays and 8.30am until 3.30pm at weekends.

The menus will have a season flavour too, with a range of vegetarian dishes also available. “I have got listening ears and I will be hoping for plenty of feedback from our customers.”

Stani adds: “I used to live in North Kingston and visited Teddington over the lock and fell in love with the area. I just felt it could benefit from a bit of a spark and that’s what I want to bring to our new café.”

She is acutely aware of the competition in the café options of Teddington but has no fears. Before Christmas the café and bakery chain, Gail’s opened 100 yards on the opposite side of the road.

“I really don’t see the competition. If you believe something in your heart, you believe it and at the end of the day it’s all about customer service and I want our customers to be part of a big, happy  family and it’s so great to see people enjoying the things I make. “

Stani also has significant respect for the local community and its loyalty.

“Just from talking to people who have shown an interest in when we are opening, I can see that this is a community which is supportive, especially after COVID. They want to support small businesses like ours and that’s very inspiring and reassuring,” she said.

Wishing you well Stani from Teddington Town.





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