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One One Four in High Street, Teddington will close its doors on August 11

TEDDINGTON’s  fine dining restaurant One One Four in High Street is closing down in August, it was confirmed in a surprise announcement today.

Teddington Town can reveal that owners Sam and Alex Berry will reopen an Italian restaurant on the same site called Cento Uno, which has an existing restaurant in Surbiton.

Owner Sam Berry said: “We’re too special occasion and we need to open up to a new clientele and families.  Eating habits have changed.”

Their full statement said; Has Fine Dining Had Its Day? ⁠

“It is with mixed emotions that we announce the closure of One One Four, our beloved restaurant in Teddington. After seven years of serving the community with dedication and passion, we have decided to close our doors to pursue a new concept.⁠
“Our decision is rooted in a bold belief: The era of exclusive, special-occasion dining experiences has had its day.
“Now that’s not to say there’s no place for excellence and refinement anymore but we recognize a growing desire for something different—a space that embodies community spirit and everyday enjoyment.⁠
“One One Four was founded on the principle of exceptional quality and unique experiences. However, as we have evolved, so too have the desires of our guests.⁠
“We hear the call for a restaurant that feels like a second home, a place where everyone can gather regularly, not just for grand celebrations but for everyday moments.⁠
”We are profoundly grateful for the support, loyalty, and love we have received from our customers over the years. Your encouragement has been the cornerstone of our success.⁠
”Our doors will close on 11th August. ⁠
“We invite you to join us at One ­One Four for across the next two months, to celebrate the memories we’ve created together and to toast to the exciting journey ahead.⁠
“Thank you, Teddington, for everything.⁠”

Sam & Alex x



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