A Complete Guide To Flower Preservation Techniques

Flowers can magically enhance the appearance of your space. Their delicate petals can improve your mood and make your day.


Whether you’ve received a stunning bouquet from London Handy Flowers or picked fresh blooms for your garden, if you know how to preserve those flowers, you can enjoy their charm much longer. Plus, you have saved a memory of your loved ones. 


Preserving flowers can be a fun DIY project. This article will explore how to preserve flowers and your memories with those delicate petals.

Why To Preserve Flowers?

Flowers are always gifted by loved ones. It’s a sign of sharing love and creating memorable moments. Who doesn’t wish to save these special moments forever? Nowadays, we can see the trend of preserving flowers. Preserving flowers not only preserves the memories but also adds up to your home decor. Preserve flowers to preserve your memories.

Ways To Preserve Flowers

Here are some ways you can preserve flowers. 

Drying Flowers

We all have used this method of drying flowers. It is very old yet the most straightforward way of preserving flowers. In this process, moisture is removed, resulting in the drying of flowers. The key is to maintain the color and shape during the process. 


Follow these steps to dry flowers while maintaining shape and color. 

Air Drying

Sturdy flowers like roses and lavender are most suitable for air drying. To do this, tie your bouquet with a string upside down and leave it in a place with good air circulation. They will take approximately 1-2 weeks to dry properly. 

Silica Gel

Silica gel can absorb the moisture. To use this method, place the bouquet in a silica gel container. Leave it for a week, depending on the flower type. While placing the bouquet in silica gel, ensure the flowers don’t touch each other.


This technique is also the most used one. You can press flowers like daisies and lilies in books or newspapers. The paper will absorb the moisture, leaving the flowers dry behind. You can place weight on the book or newspaper for better and faster results. You will be amazed by the results within one week.


For more information on flower preservation techniques, visit romanceflowers.co.uk.

Preserving In Resin

Resin is a new way of preserving flowers in the modern era. You can ask flower professionals for resin preservation. Ensure you don’t place these flowers in sunlight too long; they may lose shape due to heat exposure. 

Freeze Drying Process

This method is used by professionals. Professionals freeze flowers by extracting moisture through a vacuum. This method provides excellent results and can only be done by expert professionals. It also requires other vacuum equipment. 

Use Of Preserved Flowers

There are many creative ways to use preserved flowers. They can be used in home decor. They are perfect for aesthetic displays. You can also make a handmade gift from these flowers, such as jewelry or framed artwork. 

Final Thoughts

Try different preservation methods so that whenever you receive flowers from your loved ones, you can easily maintain them. You can preserve flowers using silica gel and resin, air drying, or freezing drying. 


Gift your loved one’s flower bouquet today to make them feel special!


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