Behind the Trash: Uncovering the Root Causes of Illegal Dumping

You may have seen the trash dumps along the roads, in streets, and in parks that become the breeding places for pathogenic bacteria and insects that are the causative agents behind various gastrointestinal diseases like cholera. Along with health concerns, inappropriate waste dumping damages the environment and is a great threat to our ecosystem. Even with these concerns, many irresponsible people and illegal companies are involved in illegal dumping. Click here to visit a top-rated waste removal company providing legal and authorized waste management services. This blog post covers the potential reasons for illegal dumping and you should give it a read to learn more. 

Common Causes of Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is rarely someone’s personal choice as everyone wants a healthy environment for their physical and mental well-being. Various socio-economic factors are involved in illegal dumping practices. Here are some common reasons for illegal dumping that we figured out.

  • Lack of Access to Waste Disposal Facilities

Undoubtedly, government authorities have developed thousands of waste disposal facilities in each corner of the country. However, it does not mean that everyone has access and resources to drop their waste at the appropriate facilities. Some people have to drive for miles to reach the nearest waste disposal facility which is a major setback for those who are already struggling to bring the food to their plates while others don’t have time to do it. Hence, hiring waste removal services is a better solution but again it involves the economics and is not for all.

  • Cost Considerations

People may have a nearby waste management facility but they switch to illegal dumping because of the cost considerations. Landfill fees for using the waste management facility cannot be affordable for everyone. They have to go for illegal dumping of the waste even if they do not want to do it. Moreover, hiring professionals can be more challenging for people who are already suffering from the rising inflation rates. This factor can be overcome if the government subsidizes the landfill fee to encourage people to use their nearby waste management facilities.

  • Lack of Awareness

The lack of facilities to access the authorized waste disposal facilities is a separate issue. However, some people are involved in this unethical process because of their ignorance. We have seen the seemingly decent families leaving behind piles of trash at the public place after a picnic, which is the last thing that we can expect from our educated community. Moreover, many people are not aware of the environmental and health perspectives of such dumps. So, we need to join hands and educate the community about the potential risks associated with such practices.

  • Overlooking the Law Enforcement Authorities

In the past decade, we have had an increasing crime of the establishment of unauthorized authorities for waste management which are providing the best waste management services with their foolproof policies but in reality, they are just making money by charging the people for their services and are involved in the illegal dumping. They overlook the law enforcement authorities’ abilities and when caught they are heavily fined but the damage cannot be undone. Law enforcement authorities should educate the people about their laws and penalties for such activities, so the people will dread being involved in the shameful act of illegal dumping.

Final Words

In conclusion, where many people are involved in the illegal dumping act due to their ignorance and lack of awareness about the threats involved with this act, many others are facing socio economic challenges to accessing established waste management facilities. The government should revise their policies so more people can access them. If you are moving to a new place, hire the Jack Removal Services for the eco-save move.


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