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Crime Update

Despite preventative advice from Police, bicycle theft continues to blight the borough – this has doubled in recent years from 2 to 4.5 bikes reported stolen each day.

In the area, bikes were stolen from locked sheds in Admiralty Way over a recent weekend – check with your DIY shop to see if the hinges/bolts on your cycle storage could be easily removed.

There are also reports of bikes being stolen on the high street during the day and they continue to disappear at Teddington Station. The newly installed secure bike storage isn’t being widely used, no notices have been put up about how to request access, you can request a swipecard at the station kiosk for a deposit of £25 (no monthly fee and bring along photo-ID).

Police have issued e-fits of two young people they wish to speak to in relation to the violent assault and robbery that took place on Teddington Bridge on Thursday June 28th.

During a break-in at Teddington Studios, valuable lenses were stolen. If you know this man spotted on CCTV, please contact Police.

There have been several large flower pots being stolen from outside houses (most discovered when owners return from holiday) and more reports of items being stolen from shops by groups of youths using distraction techniques.

Although Richmond Borough has roughly average crime rate per 1000 residents it does suffer from above average levels of burglary (one such discovered in Field Lane this week) – this is being addressed regularly. Complaints from elderly residents that cyclists riding on pavements make them feel unsafe have led to 18 warnings and 7 tickets have been issued for this offence.

Recent crime stats

[Update] Four separate thefts in seven days have occurred during garage break-ins in Gloucester Road / Belvedere Close in Teddington. Catalytic converters were stolen and an affected resident is recommending that additional locks are put on garages to prevent unauthorised entry.


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