How To Repair Window Glass

Windows are one of the few low maintenance things in your house. They have a good lifespan and they usually live up to that lifespan and then some. You won’t be needing to check double glazing cost unless you want to upgrade your window.

However, there may be a few times that an unfortunate may take place and your window may be damaged. However, that is completely fixable and with ease. So much so that you don’t need to hire a window fixing company to look into the matter. It is an easy fix and you can do it all by yourself. Here is how you can fix a window glass by yourself.


1. Temporary Fix

A temporary fixture can fix your window for the time being but it will require a complete fix after some time. A temporary fix is recommended only when the damage is minimal and doesn’t show a lot. If you don’t have the time to completely change the glass then you can opt to do this. There are more than one way for a temporary fixture to the glass.

One is using masking tape to cover both sides of the crack. It will most probably stop the window from cracking any more. Another one is to apply nail polish over the crack if they are very small. Nail polish will seal off the cracks temporarily. You can also use a mesh patch from a nylon cloth and glue them on the window. However, be sure to get replacement windows as soon as you can because this fix won’t last long.


2. Remove the Glass

Glass removal can be tricky and risky. To avoid getting yourself harmed like cutting your hands you must put on safety equipment like rubber gloves and safety goggles. It is important that you keep yourself safe. Tape the cracked part of the glass with masking tape or duct tape to ensure that the shards don’t fall on the floor. Pull out the frame by clipping out the nails that hold it together. After that, use a chisel knife to scrape the glass and helping in removing it. Before removing the glass, try using newspaper inside the sash to catch any glass fragments and dispose of them.

3. Installing a New Glass

Visit a store and buy window glass replacement. Make sure that you have the same type of glass as before. This will ensure that it matches the other windows in the room. Be careful when bringing the glass from the store and make sure it is covered in newspaper. To install the glass in wood windows, you will need a putty tool to stabilize the glass.

First, sand the wood and use wood sealer. Use the glazing compound around the pane and push the new glass in carefully. For vinyl or metal panes, there are spring clips or rubber seals. These types of window panes can replace the glass very easily. An easy unscrew of the part that holds the glass and then putting in the new, rightly sized glass into the empty place and putting back the parts that hold it will be enough for a replacement of window glass.

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