Plans for Teddington social centre have increased in costs by £1 million

Within a year plans to provide a new social centre and affordable homes in Teddington have increased in costs by nearly a million pounds

The council are now expected to pay £3.04 million, compared to £2.2 million last February in updated plans for the Elleray Hall site

Plans were approved by the council to relocate a new social centre on the North Lane car park site, and create an affordable housing scheme on the current Elleray Hall site.

Conservative councillor Aphra Brandreth expressed concern about the “substantial and serious increase” in costs at last night’s Finance, Policy and Resources Committee (February 18).

Assistant director for property services David Sharp acknowledged the large increase, but said last year’s estimate was “an early stage feasibility study.”

He said the council has since learnt more about the project after going through the design process, and had to allow for extra fees such as the demolition of the existing hall and for planning permission for the residential development.

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