Ditching Landfills: Eco-Conscious Alternatives to Traditional Landfills

Almost 70% of our household trash is in landfills that pollute the earth by emitting greenhouse gases and harmful leachates that destroy our air and water resources. However, top-notch rubbish removal professionals like those you hired from the MCDonnell Skip Hire website pay attention to the environmentally friendly aspects of rubbish removal and adopt better strategies than conventional ones. Such experts recommend people switch to alternative practices that are less damaging to the earth. In this blog post, we have discussed the different alternatives to traditional landfills. Let’s get started to learn more.

Alternative Waste Removal Solution to Landfills

Undoubtedly, landfills are the simplest solution to remove garbage from your home. Just drive and drop off the trash bags by paying a little landfill fee. However, filling your landfills has deadly environmental aspects and it is the worst thing that we can do to our environment. Here are some better and less toxic alternative solutions for waste management.

  • Recycle the Waste

Recycling is the best way of management where you repurpose your preloved items and give them a new meaning in your life or you choose different recycling facilities in your area that will recycle different types of your trash. Hence, by recycling, the same items revolve around the community with different roles, and the requirements to produce new resources are also minimized. Less production means less extraction or production of raw material which is an even more hazardous thing. Recycling does not reduce the waste to zero percent as many items like plastic bags are not recyclable but it makes a significant decrease in the volume of the waste that is going to end up in the landfills.

  • Anaerobic Digestion of the Organic Waste

Anaerobic digestion of organic waste is one of the oldest methods of organic waste management. Although it started to gain popularity in this century but has evolved as an effective waste reduction method. In anaerobic digestion, organic wastes like animal manure and kitchen waste are added to the biogas tanks in which no light or air can enter. Under these closed conditions, methanogenic bacteria present in the manure use the organic waste as an energy source and produce methane which can be used as an energy source as a natural gas alternative or to produce electricity.

  • Compost the Kitchen and Garden Waste

Kitchen and garden waste are the major part of household waste and up to millions of tonnes annually worldwide. Therefore, people are looking for a convenient and effective method to reduce it. Composting is a relatively simple method and you can start your compost pile by yourself. By composting, kitchen and garden waste are converted to nutrient-rich fertilizers to replace the use of inorganic chemicals in the garden which can harm the environment and compromise the quality of produce growing in your backyard. It can also be started on the industrial scale for high-level organic fertilizer production.

  • Advanced Technologies

Waste management is an issue, so scientists are devising the latest methods that are effective in bringing it under control and reducing the swelling size of landfills. Pyrolysis is an evolving method in which large and complex organic waste is broken down into simple forms that are easy to decompose. Moreover, plasma arc gasification is another method for converting waste into slags that are used as construction material. Though such technologies are not very popular, they are indicated to have better usage in the future.

Final Words

In conclusion, some better alternatives to the traditional landfills can reduce the environmental impact of the waste. However, most of these methods are for organic wastes for their biodegradation-ability while for inorganic waste the best remedy is to control the waste generation and switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. At London O’Neil Skip Hire trained professionals for waste management.



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