How to Avoid Scams When Hiring a House Clearance Company

Is scamming involved in house clearance? Scammers are too sharp these days. They always find new ways to scam people. If you are considering hiring a waste collection service, research before choosing. Nowadays, you can see many people in the market offering these services but not insured. They are working illegally, and the way they throw garbage is against the law. They are polluting society.


You can trust London House Clearance Company for your house clearance services. Their professionals are licensed and offer sustainable practices. Any illegal activities must be reported. There is a need for strict action against these scammers.


Here are some steps you can follow to avoid being scammed. 

Ensure professional liscense

Make sure you check their licenses while hiring. Ask what kind of licenses they hold. Ensure all the credentials are correct. Many scammers have fake licenses. Examine thoroughly. Any company that handles waste must have a valid waste carrier license and be registered with the Environment Agency.


Scammers lack documentation. Actual professionals don’t have issues providing licenses or assurance. You can also ask for tax documentation. It would be a quicker way to judge.


Where they are located

Fake licensed people operate from home or in a van. They do not have a registered address, so they can hide easily anywhere if caught engaging in illegal activity. So, if you hire cleaners, ensure they have a registered business address. 


You can also check their presence on different websites online. 

Trained staff

Professional businesses have trained their staff for waste disposal and ensure proper employee safety measures. They will also ensure that you are licensed on behalf of their employees.

Tell you where your waste is going.

Unlicensed waste clearance companies will not tell you where your waste is going. They only throw away things that need to be thrown away; otherwise, they prefer recycling or donating.

Good ratings

You can also judge businesses by their online reputation. People leave good or bad reviews. Ensure they have good reviews on all platforms. reedwastecollection.co.uk

 is a licensed professional with a good reputation and reviews on all platforms.


If you get scammed and hire unlicensed waste cleaners. Report if you see any illegal disposal activities. 

Appearance of Staff

Reputable cleaners are dressed in three-piece uniforms, while bogus houses don’t wear uniforms. Professional employees are trained and know their job duties well, while a gang does not know what to do and how to do it.


Dishonest house clearances are offered at relatively low prices. People are seen selling items rather than donating. Be conscious of the prices that seem too good to be true. 


Confirm Disposal Methods

Ask the company about their disposal methods. Actual companies explain their disposal methods in detail, while the bogus ones avoid explaining. 

Verify Insurance Coverage

Clearance companies provide insurance coverage in the case of any damage. Fake licensed people do not offer such benefits.


Scams are very common these days. Many people have faced fake clearances. While hiring someone, keep these points in mind to avoid scams. Or hire the recommended professionals. 


Ask about the license, business address, pricing, and insurance coverage. Make your cleaning process easier today!


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