High Street brothel closed down

Please ensure you’re sitting down and try not or choke on your tea & cake but it appears as though leafy and desirable Teddington also has its dark-side. From the Richmond & Twickenham times: “The clamp-down on the borough’s brothels…

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Bushy Park: Foot and Mouth precautions

Foot and Mouth disease precautions have been put in place at Bushy Park. Plans have been drawn up to close Richmond and Bushy Park if the outbreak spreads to the area. A second case was confirmed in Surrey on Tuesday.…

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Teddington hit by floods

On Friday 20th July 2007 heavy rain was predicted but no-one could have prepared enough for the drenching that was to follow. June had already deluged the UK with twice the average rainfall and but nothing could prepare us for…

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Residents victory over proposed Police custody suite

Local resident opposition had been mounting over proposals to add a 30 cell custody suite to Teddington Police Station but today the Metropolitan Police Authority committed itself to finding a more satisfactory location elsewhere in South West London. Interest in…

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Deer take a bath

July’s exceedingly hot temperatures have given the UK the highest ever July recorded temperature of 36.5C. Train lines have buckled, tarmac melted and zoo-keepers have been handing out ice lollies to keep their animals cool. Bushy Park Deer have had…

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